Jun 092018

The time has come, to test the BootProms I have“burned“ with my new Data I/O 29b.

First I have configured the M9312 to boot from Socket1 and have placed there the fresh created 23-751A9 Boot Prom (RL01/02).

The M9312 Jumpers are set all to off, except 9.

Off: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10

On: 9

Afterwards I have connected a RL02 Drive, mount a installation Media, and pressed Contr. + Boot.

That’s the outcome:

Welcome to RT-11 Version 5.

You have bootstrapped the RT-11 Distribution Disk. Use this disk to
install your RT-11 system, then store it in a safe place.

RT-11 V5 provides an automatic installation procedure which will
back up your distribution disk and build a working system disk which
should be used for your work with RT-11. This working system disk
will only contain the RT-11 operating system. After the RT-11
installation is complete, follow the installation instructions
packaged with any optional languages or utility software which you
will be using.

Press the "RETURN" key when ready to continue. 
You can choose to install RT-11 manually. This procedure is
described in the RT-11 Installation Guide. 

If you are a new user of RT-11, DIGITAL highly recommends that you
use the automatic installation procedure.

Do you want to use the automatic installation procedure?
(Type YES or NO and press the "RETURN" key): yes


So looks like I can write BootProms. I have needed about three years, and was needed to spend hundreds of Euros to get a sufficient programmer, and a small amount of Proms.

But now I can boot my PDP’s a bit faster. 😉

Now I will configure the M9312 to boot into Console Emulation, afterwards I will boot the devices via them, so that I can choose which one to boot without changing the jumpers on the M9312.


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