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A nice trip from Frankfurt (Germany) to Luzerne (Switzerland) to pick up an RK07, a Dec Writer IV and a huge amount of Unibus Cards.







I have bought all via ricardo.ch but missed a PDP11/24 with many devices placed in two H960 Racks for !!20.- CHF!!, which was sold from this seller some weeks before. 🙁

But, …

A complete RK611 Backplane and Controller was included, also a near complete 11/70 Board-Set.

Initially it was planned to sleep in a small hotel in the near of Lucerne but one day before they cancelled the booking and told us that they have no room for travellers with a so big dog.

As we have not found any other hotel, we have decided to order some camping equipment and enjoy the nature. Thanks Amazon Prime, as the order and delivery was near in-time.

Here we are! It is a small private ground where you can stay, > after you have paid some bucks. 😉


So here is the listing of Boards I got:
Part Vendor Description
 M5904 DEC MASSBUS control transceiver 
 G7273 DEC Bus Grant & Non-processor grant 
 G180 DEC Pack read/write (RK05) 
 M7485 DEC UNIBUS to radial disk interface PR board with blasted ROMs
 M7486 DEC Controller for SDI disk drives (UDA SI) 
 M7792 DEC DEUNA port module, UNIBUS to ethernet microprocessor. (1 of 2)
 M7793 DEC DEUNA link module, M7792 to ethernet bus line unit. (2 of 2)
 M7814 DEC 8-line 20mA data MUX, 50 to 100-Kbaud 
 M7821 DEC "Fast M7820 Interrupt control, 7-bits, 1 per PDP11 peripheral (Replaced by M7821)
 M7900 DEC RK06/07 Unibus interface, hex 
 M7901 DEC RK06/07 register module, hex 
 M7902 DEC RK06/07 control module, hex 
 M7904 DEC RK06/07 data module, hex 
 M7904 DEC RK06/07 drive interface module, hex 
 M7911 DEC TMB11 tape control 1 
 M7912 DEC TMB11 tape control 2 
 M8123 DEC 11/70 ROM & address control, FP11-C compatible 
 M8130 DEC 11/70 data paths module 
 M8131 DEC 11/70 general registers and ALU control 
 M8132 DEC 11/70 instruction register decode & condition Code
 M8134 DEC 11/70 processor data & UNIBUS registers module 
 M8135 DEC 11/70 trap and miscellaneous control module 
 M8136 DEC 11/70 UNIBUS and console control module 
 M8137 DEC 11/70 system address path module 
 M8138 DEC 11/70 segmentation status register 
 M8139 DEC 11/70 timing generator module 
 M8140 DEC 11/70 segmentation and console control module 
 M8141 DEC 11/70 mapping box 
 M8142 DEC 11/70 cache control board
 M8143 DEC 11/70 cache address memory board 
 M8144 DEC 11/70 cache data memory 
 M8145 DEC 11/70 cache data path 
 M8150 DEC 11/70 MASSBUS data path module 
 M8151 DEC 11/70 MASSBUS control and status module 
 M8152 11/70 MASSBUS address and word count registers 
 M8153 DEC 11/70 MASSBUS UNIBUS control (M8150-M8153 is option RH55 in an 11/55) 
 M8256 DEC RX02 floppy disk controller 
 M9202 DEC UNIBUS connector, inverted (M9192+M9292 assembled 1" apart with 2' cable)
 M9302 DEC 11/04 UNIBUS terminator, far end (Fits in any Standard UNIBUS slot, terminating all newer UNIBUS machines.)
 M9302 DEC Terminator for PDP11 bus, 120-ohm to +3V, 1000pf on BF1 & BF2

 EMULEX SC21-BM (SC2110201-bm)