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Hey, a really nice owner and collector of DEC equipment has send me a box of things I never have imaged to get.

He has read the mail I have send to a cctalk thread (in the hope to get tapes) were someone has asked if it make sense to keep a huge amount of TK50/70 tapes.


In the Box were a nice set of TK50 Tapes with diagnostics for my MVII on it, in the Customer and the Maintenance version. With them I’m able to format a Maxtor XT-2190 disk which I have used years before in my PC.

In the Box were also a QD32, DELQA incl. Cab Kit, and TK50 Tapes with VMS 5.5 and DECWindows on!!!! So all I need to bring software onto the MVII and to get them connected to the Network.

And the best: These tapes were written not 20 Years before, no they are written in Nov-2016, so they are really working!








Many Thanks to B.W.