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By now my biggest Haul.

I have seen but missed a PDP in eBay, and have contacted the seller. After some mails, it was clear, that I have missed one of many many other systems, so I had the chance, to choose between some types and configurations.

After some time I have choose the 11/84 with RK07, TU81 and a single RC25.

The biggest problem was now to plan the trip and to pick up the parts. First thing was to check, that all the Stuff will fit into the Car, which was hard, and I have needed about two hours, to be sure, that it fits.

So the trip begins, and I have to drive a distance of 1586km. I started 18:00 on 18-Dec and have paused for three hours by my family. I started than 04:00 in the Morning of the 19-Dec and arrived at 10:00 in Greifswald.







After my arrival we shortly start to pick up all the stuff, and load them into the Car, which has all needed about 6 hours.

I was able to get some additional parts, like a TS05, RX02, RL01, RL01 Media, Rails, … . 🙂










I have learned here, that a big car is welcome, when you collect old Computers. 😉

The Car has an possible additional load of 700kg, which was near reached with all the parts in it. The average fuel consumption grows to over 14l/100km which has made the trip much expensive.

But the weather was great, and the road was empty.









So the gas stations on the road were happy about my trip. 😉







I arrived back home at 19-Dec 23:45 …. .