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Mega Haul!!

We were again at the Baltic Sea and the weather was as usual when you have your yearly time off. 🙂

Visiting Greifswald was also not a Problem but it was a challenge to find a day without too much rain.

Some time before the trip, we have talked about stuff which I could pick up, like a PDP-11/44, PDP-11/24 and a QBUS PDP-11/23Plus.

We have agreed that I buy the /44 and /24, the other systems were something to talk about.

I had some extra bucks with me, and found many additional stuff which I was able to bought and take with me.

I have picked up:

DEC RC25 Dual Disk Drive
DILOG SU726A an Unibus SCSI Card
Additional Memory for the 11/24
Pertec Cards for QBUS and UNIBUS
A Plessay VT100 Clone in Amber
Many TK50 Tapes with Ultrix on and RT11 8" Floppy Disks
A watered MicroVAX II GPX in BA123
An PDP-11/34 Operator Panel

A nice H960 and half high Rack was also in the bunch of stuff, but there was no space left in the car.


That’s how the Car looks after loading all stuff into. And no, the vacation were not over, I was needed to unload all of this at the holiday home.


That’s how the car looks completely loaded at the last day of the vacation.

Not much space left.