VS2000 NiCD Repair

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I have got some VS2000 over the last Months.

All had still the stupid Ni-CD battery for the TOY in the case. As usual all except two of them were more or less dramatically damaged from the leaking Ni-CD battery.

So the first you should do is also, to open the case of your VS2k and remove the Ni-CD battery!!! Don’t wait any longer!!


That’s how the PCB and parts in the near looks like after the Ni-CD battery has started to leak. Mostly the main PCB and cable connectors are affected, I have not seen damage to the RQDX or Memory Board on my VS2k’s.

I have no big knowledge about repairing such issues, so have started to read about and will start on one PCB with neutralizing, cleaning, re-wirering, Solder Laquor, and resolder all parts.

But maybe you know better procedures – so feel free to share.




So time to neutralize the leakage, and to clean the PCB. I always remove the PCB parts, so that I can verify the lanes on the PCB, and to clean all accordingly.

I use diluted acetic acid to neutralize the leaking fluid. The bubbles shows that both liquids are neutralizing each other. Afterwards I have washed the PCB with distilled water.


More Cleaning and PCB wire checking. On the component side it was needed to clean very much, so the lanes where much more thinner as before, so i have coated them with solder.

There are also about 5 lanes, which were eaten by the leakage, so I need to rewire them by hand. (time to search for the schematics to find the next solter point)



The resistor rig was damaged as well. it is a 4.7k Ohm 10 Pin (but how many watt’s?). The three 74xxxx will be replaced as they are not expensive. The custom chips will be cleaned and I hope they have no internal error.


I have ordered the resistor pack and IC’s and wait for the order to arrive.