Must go…

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Found a new Home:

BA440 with Tape and Disk Drive’s > Gone



Case for TZ and DSSI Drive Array > Gone



VAX4000/500 > Gone







1 DSSI Disk Array > Gone


TZ Drives in external Cage > Gone


MicroVAX II in BA123 > Gone




PDP-11/24 > Gone


Searches a new Home:

ROI PDP in BA23 with std DEC Backplane. Also RD53/54 Dual Disk Shelf and external cable





Rack with Control Data / CDC 9-Track Tape Drive,  2x Fujitsu M2284N SMD Drive both connected to System Industries 9400 Controller.



DEC Rack with lower RL01 Drive without BA23 MVII and second upper RL



Empty VT100 Case: