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Only little effort were needed to bring my RC25 back to life. Means maintain Power Supply, and the foam seal, followed by cleaning the Spindle housing and hope, much hope, that it will run.

The Drive had only some little and fixable issue, if the internal platter or head, … had an issue you have much more problems, and maybe such which are never solvable, … .

First thing to do is always checking the Power Supply, reform the Caps and check voltages, … .

Second one is to renew the foam sealing of the blower.

Last one: Pray and hope it will recognize the cartridge and goes not into an error. (always have a deep look into the cartridges, and check that they are OK and clean!)

The Drive:







Separate the Controller Board from the Drive

remove the old Foam







The new foam seal













Assembled again, powered on and connected to the 11/84.

So I’m the lucky one, who has a running RC25 and some cartridges. Hopefully this will be the case for many years.